Tips Helps Your Children Sound Sleep

About 3-4 months old, known as flip, often sleeping baby invert inertia around. Prone position like very tamponade and have not lifted their heads when they can not return his or suffocation … again. In this case, if the adults are not detected in time will be very dangerous for the baby.

Therefore, children under 12 months, especially at night, parents should be careful when sleeping of children. It is best to buy baby swing for your children to  avoid rolling bike and capsized baby belly down on the bed. The best baby swings will help you so much with the sleep of your children.

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How To Use The Baby Swing Safely

Nowadays, there are a lot of machines that are produced in order to support for mother in caring their baby. Among these items, the baby swing is increasingly favored by a lot of mother. In this section, we will cover the tricks to buy the best baby swing as well as how to use it safely.

What Need You Do When Selecting The Baby Swing

– Check all parts of the swing such as belt buckle, the wooden spokes, the bars, the ropes, nets lying, make, smooth, no edges in order to ensure that it can operate well as well as bring the safety for the baby.

– Try Power (with load) see: adapters, box machines, switches, dials, the shaking of the crib, if the new work well for baby use.

– When the baby was a child, sleeping in the baby crib must have something soft pillow or insert their sides of the baby, to give your baby a cuddle feeling back cover, help baby sleep well and stutter themselves.

Review Som Types Of Baby Swing On The Market Now

 Automatic Swing Machine

– When the shaking cthe swing, should mother pay attention to the baby’s weight, to adjust the electrical current on the adapter to match the weight of the baby, to cradles are, silent, fast and jerky shake strongly. With newborns, there is also light weight baby incompatible with loads of crib, cradle makes quick shake, then to the end of lap crib, bottle about 1kg to balance the load of crib, cradle helps put them quiet, and gentle. When the baby was sleeping, should mother not turn off the power to shake the cradle, to see the baby move, or feel the baby yet deep sleep, then turn the power to the cradle brought back, not to cradle the baby was shaking constantly sleep, avoid creating infant sleep habits only joking.

– Before using infant cribs mandatory, should you fully review ruggedness, and the safety of the parts of the baby swing? When using the cooker for some time, if the power that inactivity box should open the machine, dusting, replace belts. If the electrical parts of the cradle do not work well, should mother call directly to manufacturers to be consulted and have the best warranty.

Automatic Vibrating Crib Dragon Mania

– When cleaning the baby swing, mothers should not water on the electrical parts of the products. Washing the machine should be carried out fast to make out drying the pot quickly. It is said that the pot should not be wet will rust crib and deforming the material of the cradle.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using A Baby Swing

 Children Can Suffer From Neurological Diseases

Indeed, in practice to children cradle (especially electric cooker) with strong intensity and frequency vibration lasting can affect the nervous system of children. Because at birth, the child’s nervous system is not complete, so the child is shaken violently from cradle can make them feel scared, crying piercing, neural inhibitors. Severe consequences can cause speech delay, impair the vision, as well as delay intellectual development.

Increased Risk Of Spinal Deformity And Affect The Child’s Chest

In infants with the weak and soft bones can not have enough calcification as adults so that children cradle (hammock). Long days sitting on the swing will cause the child’s spine is curved, crooked which has a great influence on the development of children after that. This will entail negative consequences for the activities of agencies such as the heart and lungs.

 Motor Neuron Under development

Babies are more on the cradle, hammock difficult to learn and form movements crawled, walk, run, holding … The nervous system affecting movement will cause them less flexible and capable acquisition, cognitive worsening and limiting muscle growth.

The neonatal period, the cortex and striatum new undeveloped, the most important development is the myelin of the nerve organization and the changes in the cortex. The brains of infants are not yet mature because of myelin. Myelin is a fatty substance wrapped around nerves. Myelin begins at the fourth month of the embryo and complete as the baby is 4 years old. Myelin protects the distribution of electric impulses; maintain speed action potential conduction of the axon.

Nerve cells will not work if the goods are not fully myelinated. Weight of worsening brain is myelin due to chemical nerve. Of the myelin slow growth will slow down, slow down, and slow reading, slow learning.