The Invention Of Remote Control

Today, the remote control device to control home appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, DVD, toys and car increasingly popular … But how do they act.

Even a car have remote control to control easily. It brings to people easily and comfortably. The best remote car starter is an improvement for society.

Principle of operation of the remote control

In this day and age, we cannot do without a remote control device to control home appliances such as televisions, air conditioners, DVD, toys … so remote there are all kinds and their basic operations to control how objects in the distance correctly?

The remote control has had since World War II

Few people know that the first remote control in the world was created for the purpose of the war served. The type of remote control by radio frequency appears on the World War I in order to guide the German naval vessel rammed into Allied ships.

To World War II, used the remote control to detonate the bombs. After the war, their great technological improvements continue to serve effectively in human life. And so far, we can say, almost everyone had to use the remote control to control a certain device.

Initially, people use remote control technology using radio frequency RF (Radio Frequency) and then start the application of infrared IR (Infrared Remote) on the remote control. Currently in life, we use both kinds of this remote control. Thus, differences in the structure, features and limitations of each type of the stars?

Remote control infrared (IR)

Today, this is a remote control with the role of “dominance” in most household appliances. A controller IR will include basic parts within a digital cable connection box as follows: The buttons; an integrated circuit; the knob contacts; go – emitting diode.

The basic principle of this type of remote control that uses infrared light of electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye cannot see the signal to switch to a joystick device. It serves as a signal generator, will emit infrared light pulses carrying a specific binary code. It works by pressing a button on the outside; it will operate a series of activities that the joystick device will execute the command of that button.

The process is as follows: First, when you click a button as the “Volume Up” for example, it will touch the knob contacts below and connect the volume contained a circuit on the circuit. The integrated circuit can detect each specific circuit buttons. Then the circuit will send a signal to the LED lies ahead. From here, the LED will emit a series of light pulses containing binary code (including the series of numbers 1 and 0) corresponding to the “volume up”. This code includes many children as boot code, increasing the volume, the device address code and stop when you release the button.

The principle of remote control

To the department needs to control it will consist of an IR receiver is located in the front so could easily receive the signal from the remote control. After you have verified the address code right derives from their control units, we will decode the light pulses into binary data to the processor of the device can understand and execute commands corresponding.

Currently, we use IR device drivers for most household items such as televisions, stereos, air conditioning…. They are very durable, however, have limitations related to transmission-only nature of light in a straight line. Therefore, control type IR operating range of about 10 meters only and cannot transmit through walls or around corners. We only work well when we pointed straight or near the location of objects collector joystick.

In addition, the infrared light source is everywhere as sunlight, fluorescent light bulbs, from the human body … should be able to make controlled IR interference. To avoid this, one has to install the filter of the collector only receiving special wavelengths or frequencies of light separately in line with its infrared and blocking light at other wavelengths limiting the interference to the maximum extent.

Remote control by radio frequency (RF)

A type of remote control first appeared and now retains a vital role in the life and popular. If only IR remote controller used in the house is re-used for multiple RF external objects as garage door openers, signaling system for viewing electronic toys remote control even satellite and systems, laptops and smartphones …