All Things You Should Know About A Slow Cooker

In the kitchen, it will be great if we have a slow cooker. The cooker has new designs with a wide variety of functions. You will see a lot benefits when you use it, for sure. However, before that, it is not simple to select a best slow cooker from the market. There are a large number of brands as well as types of slow cookers so almost all the customer are bewildered.

If so, stop worrying. In this article, I will provide you with more and more tips to choose a good cooker like that. Also, I will tell you what you should note in using and maintaining it.

The Anatomy Of A Slow Cooker

Before choosing a slow cooker, you had better understand its structure. It looks simple and there are just some main parts you should pay attention to. In this part, I will tell you more about the slow cooker’s parts.

Lid And Cover Knob

Firstly, the lid is large and thick so that it can keep pot stable when the food is boiled and shaken inside. The thick lid also helps to keep the steam from spreading throughout the kitchen and to the kitchen cupboard.

The cover knob is in the center of the lid. You know, when cooking, you may be eager to test whether the food is soft enough or not. The only way for you to do so is to open the lid and get the food to test.

The cover knob is made from stiff plastic and it is heat – insulated. Thanks to this point, you will feel the heat or steam when you hold the cover knob and lift it. In addition, the steam will not remain in the cover knob on the grounds that there is no air outlet in the lid of the slow cooker.

Pot And Cooking Vessel

You will put all the food to be cooked into the cooking vessel. Ceramic is used to make the pot of the slow cooker and there is an aluminum layer inside to make the cooking vessel. Ceramic material helps to keep the heat for the food and the aluminum layer helps to transmit the heat to the food and cook it.

Heating Base

Different from the pressure cooker or the normal cooker, the heating base of the slow cooking is under the main pot. It is very convenient that the heat will release under the pot. Thanks to this, the food smell is not spread on a large space in the kitchen.

In addition, when cooking, it is very irritating if the cooking steam flies to you face, right? Understanding this point, the manufacturers make the slow cooker with the heating base under the pot.

Cooking Rack

The cooking rack helps to get the oil and the water released from the food that is being cooked. For example, when you roast the meat, the water from the meat will be pressed and drop to the cooking rack. Also, the oil released will also fall down to the cooking rack.

Notes To Use And Maintain The Slow Cooker

In terms of using a slow cooker as well as giving it a good maintenance, you should remember some notes as bellows.

  • Understand all the symbols: of, off, low, med, high on the control board
  • Put all the food into the pot and dry the pot before turning the cooker on
  • Always close the lid during cooking
  • Limit opening the lid when cooking to keep the flavor and steam for the food
  • Remove all the water and oil released on the rack after cooking
  • Clean the rack and use towel to clean the pot after cooking

Bottom Line

My name’s Jasmine. I was a chef for a restaurant in Mexico and now I am a chef for my own family. Thanks to the time working there, I know more dishes and can do it by myself. I do not have to think too much about what to eat today. I often make a menu for the whole week. Now I have lots of time taking care of my family. I think that making a menu just takes an evening and you will not be confused when deciding what to eat for lunch or for dinner. With the slow cooker as described above, you will be able to cook a lot of dishes. If you have any question about it, feel free and contact me anytime.