7 Mistakes When Using The Toilet And Bathroom

When cleaning the bathroom, used the bathroom with what seemed very familiar and harmless but actually potentially contagious diseases for the users. From how you hygiene, take toiletries such as how to secure, probably still many things that you never dreamed.

Even in the bathroom of your house if not cleaned regularly and properly, it will become an ideal environment for the bacteria, viruses proliferate, spread of infectious diseases dangerous to humans

Using Toxic Chemicals To Clean The Bathroom

Use toxic chemicals to clean the bathroom The strong cleaning chemicals in the shower can make you carry more diseases in humans. In the chemical composition of many types of bleach that can cause cancer, blindness and many other diseases. To mitigate this risk, you should use the fruit to clean toilets. For example, using grapefruit peel with salt is the simplest way to scrub the bathroom floor or use lemon to clean the faucet. Or that you use, and scouring the bathroom and toilets regularly will help you reduce an amount of water purchased by scouring your house stays clean.

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