Finding the perfect push lawn mower

Lawn cutting is a daily task for almost all homes. Thus, how to purchase a good lawn mower is rather important to make sure that it can be suitable with your gardening and can be used for a long time. There can be several factors which you need to consider before you decide for your purchase such as the size of your garden, the types and numbers of lawn you should cut and the location of your garden also.

So as to choose the best push lawn mower or self-propelled lawn mower among many types offered in the market, you should find some relevant tips for your selection. Each type of lawn mower will bring different benefits in terms of capacity for mowing, advantages of use and the price, accordingly.

Types of lawn mower

There are 2 types of lawn mower; they are push and self-propelled lawn mower. A push lawn mower can be suitable for the garden smaller than ¼ acre in measurement. Normally, the cutting edge will be around 19-23 inches per deck. This kind of measurement can be perfect for effective lawn cutting. A self-propelled lawn mower should be for larger garden of more than ¾ acre measurement. With a self-propelled lawn mower, users can feel it more relieved when working. What you need to do is to control the control setting of the self-propelled lawn mower rather than pushing it as the push lawn mower. The self-propelled lawn mower will have the front and back wheel which can be easily driven in the garden for grass lawn.

Features of the lawn mower

Start system: this is important when choosing the lawn mower. An easy to operate system will allow users to get familiar with the device quickly and feel comfortable in operating it. Some lawn mower can have the automatic start system which is very convenient for any users.

– Bagging: This is the main part for grass cutting, there for the bagging mower should be taken care of. A good bagging mower can let you be able to cut around trees and bushes with hard location.

– Grass holding: this is the part which is designed to hold grass and leaf after cutting and cleaning the garden.

Cautions for use

There are a lot of accidents reported with injuries due to the misuse of lawn mower, especially teenagers of around 13-15 ages. Regardless of how old you are and how professional you could be with your lawn mower, it is better for you to follow the following safety conditions:

– You have to wear the protective accessories, especially for your eye as the dirt may come quickly to the eyes.

– It is advised to mow in the day rather than in the evening when the light is low.

– It is better to mow when the grass is dry.

– You have to clear your garden or yard before mowing, throwing any obstacle or hard rubbish.

– You should not allow your children and your pet around when doing the mow.

– When you start the lawn mower you should pay attention to the heading area. Pay more attention when you have to mow in hard location such as in hill.

– A lawn mower should be turned off when you are in the sidewalk.

– In order to check or to repair or even to touch any parts of the lawn mower you have to turn it off.

– You should not turn off any protecting and safety part of the lawn mower.

– The lawn mower should not be pushed ahead of you.

– Your children should not be reliable for pushing or operating the lawn mower.

Tips for good maintenance

A normal lawn mower can work for a long time. However, it can reduce the duration if users do not know how to maintain it in season or off-season. The basic maintenance should be done as follows:

– You should check the oil level, change the old and replace the oil component on the regular basis.

– You should check and replace the air cleaning cartridge on the regular basic.

– You have to clean the cooling system after several times of use.

– You have to check the fuel filter after each times of mowing.

– You have to check the plug and electricity socket on a regular basic.

In the nutshell, use of the lawn mower is essential in all homes for grass and leaf cleaning in garden/yard. Choosing the right lawn mower will depend largely on the users demand and current status of mowing requirement. Other factors such as how to use and how to maintain are of utmost importance also in ensuring the durability and smooth operation of lawn mower for daily and weekly mowing.